Membership Benefits

Global Reach
Access to freight forwarder partners in 190 countries around the world
Networking Events
Gather hundreds of members to work together every year
Financial Protection
Up to USD 3,000,000 per annum
WCAworld PartnerPay
Gather hundreds of members to work together every year
WCAworld Academy
Online and classroom-based training in various logistics topics
WCAworld Insurance
Simple, fast, and affordable logistics insurance solutions
Customer Service
10 support offices worldwide
All World Shipping (AWS)
an U.S. FMC licensed NVOCC
Courier Program
Discounted courier rates for US and Thai members
Marketing and Promotion
Graphic design, web development, branding and more!
Voice of the Independent
The only global plication devoted entirely to the freight forwarding community
WCAworld Quotation System
Transmit eAWB to over 10 airlines
WCAworld ICE
Dedicated communication platform for members
WCAworld FX
Cost saving cross-border payments
The effects of climate change are being seen and experienced worldwide
FreightOscope helps independent freight forwarders

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