Customer Service

"Ten member support offices around the world."

EGLN is dedicated

to providing our members with an experienced customer service team.

EGLN’s experienced customer service department is focused entirely on meeting the requests, requirements, and needs of both members and shippers/buyers.

EGLN works alongside WCAworld’s customer services team in global service centers worldwide. These support staff members have acquired intimate knowledge and experience of each marketplace. They can help members find appropriate overseas partners, develop business relationships and engage with local shippers/buyers. Headed by experienced industry executives with expertise in just about every field of logistics, EGLN’s service and support staff are at your disposal 24/7 - 365.

We receive hundreds of inquiries from shippers and buyers, and each is processed and then introduced to the most suitable member to meet their needs. As a result, millions of dollars of new business are generated in the network each year thanks to expert referrals from WCAworld and EGLN.

How it works

Senior staff also conduct onsite visits to members to learn more about their business, offer advice, recommend partners and help the company develop its business and revenues within the network.

Whether you have a query or problem to solve, a new trade lane to open, a need for new partners, advice on maximizing your returns from the member benefits, or help marketing and promoting your company, EGLN service and support staff are ready to help.