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ELITE Global Logistics Network provides a unique set of member benefits unmatched in the industry.
By becoming a member you will have access to our full suite of tools and services that cover every aspect of logistic operations.

Global Reach

EGLN has partnered with WCAworld, the world’s largest and most potent freight forwarder network. As a result, we offer each member unprecedented access to quality freight forwarder partners in every corner of the globe. No other organization can match the logistics power and new business opportunities available as a member.

Networking and Events

EGLN Hosts a virtual annual meeting each year. Thanks to WCAworld’s One-on-One scheduler, you can arrange in-conference meetings weeks in advance. EGLN members are encouraged to participate in these virtual meetings as it provides more significant opportunities for in-network partnership, thus helping create even more business opportunities. In addition, EGLN turned an annual event into a virtual experience to help members stay safe and connected despite the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Financial Protection

We have Member-to-member protection of up to USD 100,000 within the EGLN network and USD 50,000 for cross-network transactions with WCAworld members. Financial reimbursement is awarded only after our professional staff has taken every possible action to collect directly on your behalf. Note that Gold Medallion Protection is unavailable in some countries due to conditions in those countries, and US/UN/EU imposed sanctions on others.

WCAworld PartnerPay

PartnerPay is a unique platform that offers free banking transactions across multiple currencies. PartnerPay is an online portal that makes managing receivables and payables easy. PartnerPay is accessible through your EGLN membership, a benefit that will save you thousands of dollars a year managing foreign account settlements.

Marketing and Promotion

Our sophisticated marketing facility offers additional support in promotions, Public relations, graphic design, social media, web development, branding, and more!

Customer Service

EGLN’s experienced and dedicated customer service department is focused entirely on meeting the requests, requirements, and needs of both members and shippers/buyers.

WCAworld Insurance

World Insurance Services, Inc., an exclusive risk-management partner, provides members with comprehensive risk-management options tailored to the transportation and logistics industry. Through leading insurers and underwriters, World Insurance Services can help customize insurance solutions to fit the needs of all companies, large or small, at prices that are not generally available on the open market.

All World Shipping (AWS)

All World Shipping (AWS) is a U.S. FMC licensed NVOCC headquartered in the U.S. with six regional support offices worldwide. AWS is exclusively associated with but independent of WCAworld, Lognet Global, GAA, IFC8, and EGLN. One of the essential benefits of membership in a WCAworld network is being able to join AWS for free. As an AWS agent, you can issue the globally accepted online AWS HBL to the U.S. and destinations worldwide, file AMS with U.S. Customs in our system, and utilize the net rates in our 16 service contracts.

Courier Program

US & Thai members enjoy discounted rates across all destinations. Use this benefit for domestic, international and import packages.

WCA Online

As an EGLN member, you have access to WCA Online, a suite of online resources available for you and your clients. Solutions include electronic AWB data exchange, air and ocean tracking, customized web development, and mobile solutions.

WCAworld Academy

Your online portal provides access to various educational and training resources and courses designed to enhance your business. We offer elementary and advanced Education, Training, Guidance, Compliance, and Protection.

WCAworld ICE

WCAworld Information Controlled Environment (ICE) is a FREE members-only platform that allows you to post rates, information, and requests to other members across the network.

WCAworld Quotation System

WCAworld Quotation System is a FREE member-only platform that allows you to send and receive RFQs with fellow members worldwide. Detailed RFQs enable partners to prepare accurate quotes that minimize the potential for cost overruns on any services that don't meet your requirements.

Voice of the Independent

The only industry publication dedicated to the independent freight-forwarding community, Voice of the Independent has a readership of over 70,000 freight forwarders, shippers, logistics providers, and other parties in the supply chain.

WCAworld FX

WCAworld members can now take advantage of a new way to pay foreign partners, suppliers, or other recipients. By signing up for the program, you will be able to eradicate banking fees and significantly reduce losses in cross-border transactions.

ECO Program

The effects of climate change are being seen and experienced worldwide. Elite Global Logistic Network members can now work with partners that embed carbon measurement and offsetting capabilities to meet customer demands for climate action in supply chains.