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How does EGLN fit into the Logistics landscape?

The networking industry has evolved dramatically since WACO was launched in the 1970's under Tony Keating - now retired. From those early days, another 70+ networks emerged by the turn of the century. Today there is an excess of 330+ networks enabling SME's to "cherry pick" their networking needs. The most prominent network is WCAworld, run by David Yokeum (Chairman) and Dan March (CEO). WCAworld has 11,114 member offices, and EGLN is 100% owned by WCAworld.

Credit goes to those with established reputations like Rachel Humphries, owner of UFO, PCN, Freightbook, and her latest creation, Cargo Connections. Peter van der Knaap at WPA has established a healthy organization of 280+ members within just seven years. Peter was disenchanted with the network his company was associated with at that time; Peter "resigned" from his forwarder role and today has a very credible network that continues to grow. Finally, Patrick Dick, founder of GPLN (Project Network), is a savvy guy with a successful freight forwarding company in Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam. GPLN was founded with a focus on the niche projects market that is highly complex and involves detail-oriented logisticians with multitasking capabilities.

EGLN is a network that admires and respects our competing networks. Competition is healthy, and in the network industry, it keeps everyone alert to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. As an organization run by knowledgeable, experienced industry leaders using a stringent vetting process, our goal is to attract and retain ELITE professionals and organizations in our network.

Despite the comments from a former multinational Global CEO, who stated the next decade would comprise only strong international forwarders with all SME's possessing minimal market share. Today the SME’s continue to prosper and grow in a challenging marketplace. They make the 330+ existing logistics networks vital to their success and growth.

It takes the right persons with the right background to establish credibility with an SME. At EGLN, we stand tall, recruiting only the "Unique." We offer no "free" memberships like some of the inferior upstarts headed by inexperienced individuals who show no credibility in the logistics networking industry. By becoming part of the Elite Global Logistics Network, you can access a world of resources.