Yearly dues provide members access to the ELITE Shield financial protection, covering member-to-member transactions of up to USD 100,000.00. For markets with WCAworld member coverage but not EGLN member coverage, there are cross-member benefits of up to USD 50,000 per transaction. Members of EGLN will also have access to global UPS contract rates for documents and small packages and various insurance products including cargo insurance, E & O and legal liability.

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EGLN is a “Unique” freight and logistics network. Our members are highly respected and financially secure organizations independently owned that specialize in the global logistics industry – including freight forwarders, transportation intermediaries and associated companies.

All EGLN members will be required to register their company for the All World Shipping (AWS) neutral bill of lading when applying for membership. This will immediately give EGLN members access to contracts and competitive rates covering nearly every major global trade lane.

World Insurance provides EGLN members access to simple, affordable cargo insurance as well as freight services and legal liability insurance.

Yes, and all members are required to complete and sign this document before their membership will be approved. A copy of this document is available in the password protected members section of the EGLN site.

EGLN members will have access to our Member Support Management Committee where the parties involved can have their cases heard.

You must report the offending member to EGLN management. Failure to report miscommunications within an appropriate timeline disqualifies you from being able to claim compensation against bad debt.

Also, if the offending member goes insolvent/bankrupt you will not be able to claim for old or current debt due to non-compliance in meeting those bad debt timelines.