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How does EGLN fit into the Freight and Logistics Network industry?

EGLN’s business model is unique in that we do not solicit new members and accept only well established and financially secure organzations. EGLN’s growth will be organic through the referrals of our members. Our members key executives are people with whom I have worked with or known during my lifetime in the industry and have migrated to EGLN as part of the important ongoing “relationship building” process. New members will be added from a strict referral program instigated by existing members only.

The network industry has evolved dramatically since WACO was launched back in the 1970’s under Tony Keating- now retired (Managing Director at Atlasair UK at the time). From those early days another 70+ networks have emerged by the turn of the century in 2000. Today in 2018 there are in excess of 250+ networks enabling SME’s to “cherry pick” their networking needs. Without doubt, the most prominent network is the WCA Family run by David Yokeum (Chairman) and Dan March (CEO) and they also have a few “boutique” networks complimenting the 2,500 members of the WCA Family. David created a “one of a kind” network that is a completely different business model from EGLN’s and all the other networks.

UPDATE: As of 1.1.2018 EGLN is now majority owned by WCA and expands it country coverage from 97 (EGLN member countries) to a further 94 countries.

Of those 250+ networks out there today, sadly many question the quality standards being offered. That is not for me to comment but I simply give credit to those who have established reputations like Rachel Humphries owner of UFO, PCN, Freightbook and her latest creation Cargo Connections. There is also Peter van der Knaap at WPA who has established a very healthy organization of 280+ members within 7 years of starting. Peter was disenchanted with the network his company was associated with at that time; Peter “resigned” from his forwarder role and today has a very credible network that continues to grow.

I cannot close this part of my commentary without mentioning the founder of GPLN (Project Network) Patrick Dick. He is a savvy guy with a successful freight forwarding company in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. GPLN was founded with a focus on the niche projects market that is extremely complex and involves logisticians with multitasking capabilities while maintaining an eye for detail. Take your eye off a running project and it could be commercial suicide resulting in millions of dollars in losses.

As you can see - EGLN is not your normal network - in that we admire, respect and give credit to competitive quality organizations that enhance and offer positive platforms for SME’s to join and benefit from. This provides them the global coverage needed today in a tough market environment where they compete with the multinational forwarders on a daily basis. That’s life, competition is healthy and in the network industry, it keeps everyone alert to the ever changing needs of that market place. As an organization run by knowledgeable, experienced industry leaders using a stringent vetting process, our goal is to attract and retain ELITE professionals and organizations in our network.

Unlike the comments from a former multinational CEO 8 years ago, who stated and envisioned the next decade would comprise only of strong multinational forwarders with all SME’s possessing very little market share. Today the SME’s continue to prosper and grow in a very difficult market place. The network industry is here to stay and of those 250+ networks today - many will fall by the wayside for the right reasons – you can make your own decision on why –it is quite obvious.

It takes the right persons with the right background to establish credibility with SME’s.

EGLN, we believe, will stand tall amongst those ranks as we only recruit "Best in Class" and offer no "free" memberships like some of the inferior upstart networks who are headed by inexperienced individuals that offer no credibility to the industry - whatsoever.

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