Membership Benefits

Benefits of EGLN Membership:

There are numerous benefits of joining EGLN not available with any other network including:

The EGLN top executive Roy Stapleton is the ONLY network President and Founder that has senior upper management experience in both a major Airline (Singapore Airlines) and Freight Forwarders BAX Global (Schenker) Air Express International (DHL), Geologistics (Agility Logistics) A career spanning 49 years – half in UK and half in USA including 12 years in one of the most prestigious networks where Roy forged the quality footprint that even other networks talk about and will be surpassed by EGLN.

Establishing working relationships with like-minded companies in domestic and overseas locations where "quality not quantity" of members is the basis for our business model.

Having access to a network of pre-qualified or recommended/referred members who are  "Best in Class"

Air and Ocean line "Preferred Carrier" program, a program copied by other networks-but born by an idea from EGLN's Chief executive 

Access to an impartial/neutral network executive team including the former Head of IATA Cargo – Des Vertannes (Members Ambassador) who has 47+ years of industry experience with quality organizations such as British Airways, Air Menzies, Gulf Air and Etihad Airlines

Knowing that your receivables are protected up to $50,000 per incident "within network" and $25,000 "across networks" to WCA, LOGNET and GAA members in an additional 85+ countries.

Being able to attend the Annual Conference and brush shoulders with “The Best In Class” members around the globe.

Maximum of 3 members per service per recognized Port or Airport location unless in a well-developed country/city such as Shanghai, London, New York, etc. where the maximum allowed will be at the discretion of EGLN Management.

As of June 2018 - EGLN has 298 memberships in 97 countries with 548 member offices in 270 cities and annual gross revenue exceeding US$7.3 Billion and staff exceeding 24,000.

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