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ELITE Global Logistics Network (EGLN) is a unique 6 Star “Best in Class” freight and logistics network where members are only able to join by "invite only".

Our members are highly respected and financially secure organizations independently owned that specialize in the global logistics industry – including freight forwarders, transportation intermediaries and associated companies.

EGLN has a broad global membership base of industry ELITE companies that share our commitment to quality and service driven to be a part of the most respected freight and logistics network that exists in the industry today.

EGLN members embrace our need for full support of network members on all controlled and free hand air, ocean and logistics business and to further enhance and expand their revenue base working in perfect sales harmony together.

EGLN members are long time established companies and market leaders in the medium and small freight forwarder arena but operate under EGLN’s desire to be a 6 star network group able to compete with multi-nationals and integrators.

EGLN promotes a strong network methodology that adheres to our aspirations of ongoing and continuous improvement in customer service, pricing and extolled unparalleled synergies for total customer satisfaction. Our customers dictate our objectives and they will be met and surpassed.

As of 20th July 2016 - EGLN has: Total Members : 188 (246)+ 435 Offices located in 89 Countries with Annual Gross Revenue : $6.97 Billion and Staff : 19,555

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